About customer

AK ALROSA (PJSC) is a Russian diamond mining company that solves the priority national task for the development of natural resources. The corporation is engaged in exploration, mining, processing and sale of rough diamonds. Production activities are concentrated in Yakutia and in the Arkhangelsk region. ALROSA produces 95% of all diamonds in Russia, the share of production in world diamond mining is 28%.

About the System Integration partner 

CROC is one of the leading IT and consulting companies in Russia, as well as one of the most trusted partners of EnterFace 3D. Leader in the market of IT service providers, IT outsourcing, application management, in the segments of BI- and ERP-solutions, in the market of construction of buildings and structures, integrated projects for creating data center infrastructure, electronic document management systems, as well as in telecommunications and video conferencing.

About the project

In an effort to unite more than 350 employees from different departments of the company in one location, previously occupying both own and leased areas, ALROSA acquired an office building in Moscow with a total area of ​​11,405 square meters (12 floors, two underground parking lines). The premises needed to be provided with engineering, IT and multimedia systems.

CROC was given the task of creating a smart office, the main functions of which will be the safety of employees and energy savings.

The ALROSA office access control system (ACS) includes 157 external and internal surveillance cameras, more than 2000 fire alarm sensors, security and alarm alarms, an evacuation warning and control system, biometric personal identification devices based on 3D projection of a face – EnterFace 3D . The system of automated key storage automates the work of the security service and records events. The entrance to the underground parking area of ​​the office is equipped with a license plate recognition system that compares the number of the driving vehicle with the base of employees’ vehicle numbers.

The EnterFace 3D system provides high maneuverability of the ALROSA checkpoint. The devices operate in identification mode, allowing employees to go to the office without using cards or other access keys. And also our devices meet all customer requirements regarding security.

The result of the project was a tech-friendly “smart” office that meets all the necessary customer requirements in terms of automation, security and energy efficiency.