Insight is a restaurant located on the 84th floor of the Oko Tower of Moscow City business center. “Insight is a spaceship in the restaurant industry,” says the manager Alexander Shpomer. To emphasize the uniqueness of the restaurant, the modern solutions are used in its design, in particular – 3D mapping (video mapping) and translucent concrete technology.

The entrance group is one of the key details in the restaurant industry, which will determine the visitor’s further impression. Traditionally, dress code and face control at the entrance group are made by the security staff, but such decision contradicted the declared ideology of the restaurant. Insight managers faced a difficult task of finding a modern solution that would easily fit into the overall concept. One of the key requirements was the exclusion of physical contact with ther visitors at the entrance, as well as the ability to work in complete darkness.

Modern, high-tech solutions that can serve as “face control” are biometric access control systems. After testing the devices, the restaurant management concluded that the 3D face recognition system EnterFace 3D Gate is reliable and accurate for a premium segment restaurant and meets all stated requirements.

EnterFace 3D projects a light grid onto the user’s face, mathematical algorithms analyze its curvature and build a geometric face model – a 2K biometric template. The device can work in the darkness; recognition is contactless, at a great distance.

Due to biometric template, restaurant visitors can be recognized in private-mode, which guarantees a high level of confidentiality for the most demanding guests. During the installation of the devices, an unusual concept was invented: when a guest is recognized, a green light comes on in the lobby. The device works fine in complete darkness. Recognition of guests is as comfortable and fast as possible without the need to contact the security service.