Why is 3D better, than 2D?

  • 3D face recognition technology does not depend on image quality. The most important part of Enter Face 3D is a 3D camera (3D scanner). It performs the 3D scan of the face of person, acting as a sort of “sensor” for the EF3D. All data are obtained by projecting onto the objects in the scene a special pattern at a parallax angle. The source of illumination is a diod. Distortion of the projection pattern created by the geometry of objects allows us to calculate the exact position of each point in three dimensions. With this system you can obtain high-quality three-dimensional surfaces in video mode. 2D systems use natural face coordinates (eyes, nose, lips), while 3D systems rely on the grid coordinates projected on the face. For 2D face recognition a very good quality of image material is important: the image has to be of good contrast, sharpness, illumination and etc.
  • 3D cannot be spoofed by regular photos. 2D technology can easily be fooled by a printed photograph or properly done make up. One would require far more vivid imagination to fool 3D face reader.
  • 3D is less picky on rigid positioning of the face in front of the camera. Again, because EnterFace 3D works in three dimensions, it does not require a rigid front view image. The reader can identify a person wearing glasses or a hat.
  • Identifies the person in motion in less than a second.
  • 3D can tell apart identical twins. When looking at the twins, human eye and regular 2D camera can hardly tell the difference. EnterFace 3D extracts depth information of the facial surface, which is unique for all humans.

What happens if a user’s face changes? For example, a person will grow a mustache or beard?

In most cases, the system will still work. However, in this case, it is possible that the recognition rate will be reduced. This is due to the fact that the recognition algorithm used does not require analysis of the entire front surface.

Can it be used for identification of children?

Yes, it can, but with exceptions. Since the children grow, facial geometry changes rapidly. You’ve got to re-register a child from time to time.

Can EnterFace 3D identify a few people simultaneously?

No, the ACS scenario involves identifying users one by one. This should be taken into account when planning scenarios for the use of the system. In a situation where there are several people in the camera’s frame, the system will select one of them randomly and will try to identify this person.

Is the light source of the device harmful to the eye?

The device is absolutely safe. The projector uses LED as a light source. The light radiation is harmless to the eyesight and to the health in general.

Can I change the language of the program interface or use my own images for displays?

Each of our software supports localization. Customizing the screen themes is not automatic, but we are always ready to help.

I want to purchase a device for testing. What do I do?

Excellent. Please let us know through the special form on the website or write directly to info@enter-face.com. Our specialists will contact you within 12 hours.