A built-in projector
Customizable information display
3D Camera

One second for high-precision identification

The process of identification is only 1 second long. The biometric template of the person is registered and stored in the database. Each time the user interacts with EnterFace 3D, the fast and smart 3D face recognition algorythms compare the 3D surface of the user with his unique biometric template (in verification mode) or with all database (in identification mode). Up to 60 people per minute can walk through with EnterFace 3D (Gate). Provides fast pass ability and prevents queuing.

Quick to start! 2 seconds for registration of 1 person

Just 2 seconds for:

  • Anlyizing of unique deformation of light grid by the camera
  • The projection of patented light grid onto a face
  • Creating a 3D template in real time with the 3D face reconstruction algorythms

You can read more about the technology behind EnterFace 3D in How it works

Recognition in motion

  • EnterFace 3d contains the high-speed camera which captures the 3D video with frequency of 12 frames per second
  • It recognizes people in motion, wearing glasses, hats, mustache, of any age and height
  • It does not require any physical contact or exact positioning of a user

6 000 people. Large databases without access cards and PIN-codes

Our mathematical algorythms allow to store up to 6 000 templates in the database in identification mode. Of course, you can have much bigger database, but then we would recommend to switch to verification mode.

High Security

EnterFace 3D uses very accurate biometric face scanning in realtime in 3 dimensions. It cannot be fooled with a regular 2D photo or by make up. EnterFace 3D captures unique face geometry in 3D, analyzing thousands of the points, projected by the light grid. It evaluates information in three dimensions, maintaining the highest level of security at the access point.

Simple Integration

  • Can interact with elements of ACS, through Wiegand & Relay interfaces. Supports Ethernet interface.
  • Controlled remotely through a web interface
  • With the help of API, the integrator can customize all functions of the EnterFace 3d and choose the best scenario for the client

Read more about integration