Intuitive Control and Convenience of 3D Biometrics

EnterFace 3D Cube

A compact EnterFace 3D has been engineered to be mounted on the wall, a door or inserted in a niche. Both add-on and flush mounting are possible. It also can be built into a sluice cabin. The optimal enrollment and recognition distance is approximately 50 cm from the device.

EnterFace 3D Gate BT

EnterFace 3D Gate BT is mounted on top of turnstiles. The working distance is 90 cm.

EnterFace 3D Gate B

EnterFace 3D Gate B is mounted on the floor at access points and is suitable for the cases when there are no turnstiles. The working distance is 90 cm.


EnterFace 3D supports Web Management Interface (WMI) administration. It provides a full-grade potential of a software and enables an administrator to:

Delete or add new visitors

Assign an access card

Register biometric templates

Manage the list of entry events


  • Just 2 seconds for the user enrollment
  • 500 people per day. One EnterFace 3D can enroll up to 500 people per day
  • FTE (Failure to enroll) = Zero
  • Download Manual for Enrollment