Choose EnterFace 3D for Multiple Solutions!

EnterFace 3D Gate is the best device for all checkpoints and buildings especially with mass throughput. EnterFace 3D is the modern, accurate and easy to use alternative to regular 2D systems. Both devices will help to maximize security and time management control and can be applied in a variety of ways:

Business Centers & Offices

Usually the cards are used to access an office or a business center. A card has a number of significant drawbacks: it might be forgotten or passed on to friends and colleagues. Use the 3D face recognition with a card to verify the person who is granted an access; or without a card if you prefer a fast access to the workplace.

Strategic Facilities

Industrial centers and nuclear power plants, any regime or administrative facilities. 3D face recognition is suitable in cases where the use of contact biometrics is complicated or impossible. It can be convenient for those who are engaged in a dusty or dirty production or for those who are in contact with chemical compounds.

Banks & Financial Industry

Modern banks not only closely monitor the development of new security technologies, but also actively use and test them. EnterFace 3D is a good solution for all important access points: from cells and collectors to data centers. It will completely eliminate the risk of cards exchange, as well as the possibility of deceiving the system with 2D photography.

Data Centers Protection

Every organization has important information to be secured: business know-how, the company's customers and competitors. Company needs to protect the data regarding new product development. Use EnterFace 3D for sluice cabins or EnterFace3D Gate with a regular turnstile to ensure data security.

Transport Infrastructure

Objects of transport infrastructure are places of mass gathering of people (staff and customers). Thus, the principal element of transport security is access control of all employees to the facilities, which are subject to maximum safety requirements. EnterFace 3D will be especially convenient for clean zones in airports. EF3D can also be used as biometrics for fast track scenarios and for verification of a passenger at a gate.

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